Puffy cotton balls with flat bases, rising upward

6500-23,000' may extend through a 3 cloud layers

Often brings rain/thunderstorms

4' x 5' tyvek with paper, ink, colored pencil, linen yarn


Wispy, streaky, hairlike filaments, thin

16,500-45,000' may come at leading edge of warm fronts

Seen on other planets - Mars, Jupiter, Uranus

Arrive in advance of frontal systems, produce "fall streaks" of ice crystals

that evaporate before hitting Earth

4' x 5'  tyvek, ink, paper, linen yarn, colored pencil, printing, screen

  C L O U D S


Bumpy, undulating, curdling stationary clouds

2000-6500' high

None to light rain - may predict rain

4' x 5' tyvek, with ink, stitching, stamping