Extraordinary events take place continuously in our environment that help us explore powerful life forces. The present can be lost to past and future thought. It is in those crucial, present moments that we find our link to the place where are feet are planted, to the universe, to our agelessness, with enormous silent power.

My work explores the confluence of science and art.

We ask questions about our environment, about this world we call home. We create strategies/make exploratory sketches.

We experiment/test materials and techniques.

We focus on our objective and begin exploration/focus on an image and begin the work.

We discard those things that do not work. We develop a solution/a final image.

We submit these to peer review and comment/for exhibition and comment. The work is presented to the public which declares the truth of the product/image.

Repetition and similarity of shapes, colors, forms, and textures in our world and the universe are closely related. So I look for these astounding connections that affirm those relationships.

I worked in knotted fibers for 12 years, in love with the small, the very intimate, exploring organic themes. The work is based on a warp and weft structure, placed on a board, each warp and weft knotted together, which results in 170 knots per square inch. Therefore, thread is easily changed for either warp or weft since neither are locked in as on a loom. I use cotton, linen, and silk. I work in series, making a book at the end of each, which serves as documentation for each series.

But now, I am expanding into a mix of materials and techniques that allows more flexibility and opportunity into this experience of knowing through art and science. I like to combine paper and fibers with metals, plastic, wood. I use my computer to research, manipulate, and print images. I make stamps and collect objects for mark making. I use inks and acrylics as well as charcoal and colored pencil. 

Mostly, the work wanders, like a pathway, always observing, questioning, and wondering.